A New Start

We’ve forked from Ecosquared. Ecosquared is open source code. Sqale has forked its own version.

A big decision is to either continue with Ecosquared’s original development plan, or to work on an API and social media button.

The original development plan for Ecosquared was to prioritise the viral-ready app. This means completing a crucial UX feature — a graphic representation of gift dispersal. In additional implementing a critical technical improvement — using an alternative third party email client to guarantee emails are going to people’s inboxes and not getting caught in spam filters.

Ecosquared’s path was to develop the following features:

  • multiple users as editors/creators of cards; consequential credit dispersal settings
  • view other user content; consequential request content
  • nested projects; consequential settings for SQ

So, do we continue with the trajectory of a full suit of economic tools as a web-app, or do we take a side-step and build a social media button? Decisions, decisions… get involved and have your say.