New Logo

The question arises, of course, what will the new look of Sqale be?

The original design was in black and white, the initial stage of a minimal ethic by a leading UX designer Mark. There wasn’t much cash and so we had to keep the design principles simple. The concept and function were simple enough, so we came up with a dashboard design, black and white, with only a few images. Let’s build on that for now.

So, which of the following make sense in terms of logo.

Straight Name by itself?

What might be good as a button? Or a favicon (the little image you see in your browser tab)?

This relates both to Sqale, and the SQ algorithm within the app…
More abstract version…
Or something a little further…

It might also be tied to our internal “currency”, the credit, and we’ve got a bunch of images which appear similar to the ones above. Leave that to your imaginations and a later post.

This is where we are for now. It’s early days, suggestions welcome.