A Thousand Creatives

Sometime in the future, when Sqale makes it, a payout will be given to everyone who has bought 1000 credits (£10 equivalent) to unlock the Create function. Let’s say £1m in the first instance, which would mean a return of x100. And £10m in the second instance, giving each of the first thousand Creatives x1000 ROI.

It’s all about raising revenue for creative activity. Our intention is that all money goes to creatives, none to advertisers or middle-men. Currently, Paypal take a cut, though perhaps one day we will manage a cryptocurrency so that no money is made through transaction fee. One day, such services will be funded according to Sqale, that is, they are given credits for continuing to provide their services. Sqale will lead the way: the objective is to reduce Sqale cut to 0% when we hit 1 billion users. And if we are getting those kind of numbers, we’ll be able to reward the first thousand creatives. Without their content, we would not get the ball rolling.

So, if you are creative and you’ve got something to share, unlock that Create function and share through Sqale. It’s a win-win situation.